Welcome to Our Blog! December 23, 2013 10:53

Hi friends, we're happy to launch our brand new blog as we prepare for an exciting 2014. Thanks for reading! We wanted to take this time to discuss why we founded our company and our company mission. Rocket Electrics opened to offer the best of the ebike industry to Austin. We’ve shown thousands of people how simple and fun it is to use ebikes for their commute, for recreation, and in some cases, for rehabilitation after injuries. No matter if you rent an ebike, purchase one, or take one of our tours, we love sharing the experience of riding an ebike! We have made many friends who walked in the door as customers. Many have given up a car in favor of riding an electric bike as their primary mode of transportation. One customer gave up $400 per month in Car2Go fees. Another left her “soul crushing” car commute and found tranquility in using a combination of ebike and MetroRail to go from South Austin up to Round Rock where she teaches high school. She now looks forward to commuting instead of dreading it. We look forward to profiling some of these folks in this blog, as well as sharing tech tips and tricks to get the most out of your eride. In the meantime, learn more out about our tours in our new video: