Electric Bikes and Peelander Yellow January 08, 2014 14:56

electric bikes austin Have you seen a man with yellow hair riding a yellow Pedego electric bike around Austin? That man is Peelander Yellow, (AKA Kengo Hioki), a prolific artist, who has adorned chef Paul Qui’s East Side King locations and Qui restaurant with his whimsical paintings and drawings. He is also the founder, lead vocalist, and guitar player for Japanese Action Comic Punk band Peelander-Z, whose record label, Chicken Ranch Records is here in Austin. Peelander Yellow at Rocket Electrics on an Electric Bike in Austin When Peelander Yellow is using his yellow electric bike (which he affectionately has named “Yellow Fire”) to zoom around town, fans scream lyrics at him from Peelander-Z songs like “Taco, Taco, Taco” and “So Many Mikes”. Peelander Yellow’s personality and imagination is the lightning rod that fuels the band’s rowdy and unpredictable stage show, making it infectiously engagingly fun. Peelander Yellow has also created a special Rocket Electrics design — a happy yellow rocket, which is our most popular tshirt and sticker! Rocket Electrics Logo