Things to do in Austin that are Easier on an Electric Bike: Part One January 17, 2014 14:52

People tend to think that electric bikes are “cheating." Is it cheating to use the elevator instead of the stairs? Or is it cheating to send an email instead of a handwritten letter? The only cheating an electric bike offers is cheating a gas station out of filling up your car. Let's make this clear: Electric bikes are not meant as bike replacements. Even though they are still bikes, we like to think of electric bikes as car replacements instead of bike replacements. For a city like Austin, e-bikes are transportation tools that offer the best of both worlds. Want to pedal? Go ahead. Want to enjoy the power of the nearly silent electric motor? You can do that too! Here at Rocket Electrics, we've put together this list (the first in our newest blog series) about the things to do in Austin that are simply easier on an Electric Bike: Getting Through Downtown During SXSW: It’s getting to be that time of year-- locals prepare for the wonderful chaos that is known as SXSW, and out-of-towners wonder if traffic is always this horrendous (it is). If you’ve ever tried to drive through the madness of SXSW or hail a taxi, you know that both are virtually impossible. Lucky for us, navigating on a bike isn't. With an electric bike, you can even wear normal clothes and arrive sweat free to your meetings with potential investors, producers, or agents. Get to the show before the band's 20 minute set is done then hop on your e-bike and get to that screening that you didn't want to miss. Not only will you arrive in style, but you'll be keeping it green too! SXSW Bike Rental Attend ACL Live Tapings, Blues on the Green, and All Downtown Austin Events with Ease: The biggest thing that keeps us Austinites from going downtown is the parking (and we all know how miserable it is during bigger events). Riding an e-bike downtown eliminates your parking problem immediately. You can get to Zilker Park via the Hike and Bike trail for Blues on the Green, and there’s no better way to get to the ACL Moody Theater than on an electric bike either. Don’t worry about leaving early to avoid the traffic. You can see the encore and still get home before you could in a car! SXSW Bike Tours Riding To and From Work in a Suit or Dress Clothes... in 100 Degree Weather: Our electric bike commuters don’t dread their commute. They love getting on their e-bikes instead of taking their cars, even when it’s 100 degrees outside. Get to work without sweating buckets, and if you want to get away from your coworkers in the middle of the day, hop back on your e-bike and take it to a nearby park or to Barton Springs. The possibilities are truly endless in Austin on an electric bike. Stay tuned for 'Part Two' of our blog series about electric bikes.