Finding the Right eBike January 29, 2014 18:22

We’re happy that electric bikes intrigue you. Welcome to the incredible world of ebikes! This post was written specifically for you! We spend a lot of time helping people find an ebike that is right for their needs. There is a lot of technical information out there, which doesn’t always help you determine what you should be looking for in an ebike. The combination of answers to the following questions is how to best determine which ebike is perfect for you. Buying an EBike   What do you want to do with your ebike? If you want to use it daily to commute, you will have different needs than someone who wants to use their ebike occasionally for leisurely rides. We have lots of customers that use their ebike as a rehab tool after surgery or injury, and some who use their ebike as a way to extend their cycling range while they get into better shape. If you want to carry a child or two, tote large families groceries, or tow your big dog, it’s important in determining which ebike is right for you. Height and weight? You’re getting personal, aren’t you? We have to get a little personal to help you find your perfect ride. Your height and weight are very important factors. If you are less than 5 foot 6, we have different ebike recommendations than we would for a 6 foot 3 person. Weight is always a little touchy, but it’s really just simple physics. If a 110-pound person and a 240-pound person take out the exact same ebike on the same route, only using the motor, they are going to have vastly different experiences in how fast the ebike will go and how long the battery will last. That’s when our experience with motor wattage, battery voltage, and amp hours is needed to help in making your decision. electric bike in zilker park How much do you want to pedal? We have some customers that only want to motor with a throttle, and some that want to use only pedal assist. Using pedal assist, a throttle, or just plain pedaling without any assistance not only determines how long your battery will last, but it also helps in determining which ebike will suit your unique needs. The peddlers also need to consider ebikes that have a large range of gears and some with more simplified shifting systems. If you don’t know what you like, you should test ride everything – sometimes what our customers thought they would like is not what they end up enjoying the most. Where will you be riding? If there are big hills on your route, if you may be towing kids or cargo, you may want an ebike with more power than you may need for your size. If you are only riding on paved surfaces, you may not want to have knobby tires that have more rolling resistance that would cut down on the range that your battery can take you vs. smoother tires. If you are going to be riding on city streets or trails where your ride may be bumpy, you may want a bike with some suspension. When we go through this process in person or over the phone, we spend as much time as is needed for you to have a full understanding of your options, with no pressure. No matter where you buy your ebike, we encourage you to test ride as many ebikes as you can. If you can’t test ride it, don’t buy it without some knowledge of the shop or website that you are buying your ebike from. Check the warranty of the bike, the motor, and the battery, and the return policy. The old saying that “you get what you pay for” rings true in the ebike industry. There are no cheap, powerful, quality electric bikes. (But if you find one, we'd like to ride it!) electric bikes in austin