Electric Bikes

Electric bikes (ebikes) are great tools and they can serve a number of purposes. Most of our customers purchase their ebikes for commuting, taking the place of a 4-wheeled vehicle and getting to work via 2 wheels (without sweating). Others use their ebikes for running errands and recreation, enjoying how far and how long they can ride. Our commercial customers use ebikes instead of golf carts, Segways and other utility vehicles. With no license or registration required, an electric assist bike is a great transportation tool that anyone who can ride a bike can use!

We strongly recommend you test ride any ebike that you are considering. It's hard to tell what quality feels like on the Internet, so come see us! We have a large selection of ebikes at our shop for you to take a spin on. We only sell ebikes - it's not a part-time gig or a side business for us. We always absorb the shipping for you, so if we need to order your ebike, the shipping is on us!

Don't know which bike may be right for you?

No worries, we've done this before. Send us a little information and we will present you with options that should narrow in on the ebike(s) that deserve your focused consideration. The ebikes that we carry are transportation-quality ebikes (not toys) and start at $2200. We occasionally have used ebikes for sale that are retired from our rental fleet or are from customer trade-ins that are less expensive. Financing options are available for any amount you'd like - you can apply online by clicking on the button on the top right hand side of this page.