About Us & Delivery

Rocket Electrics has FREE hand delivery by friendly rocket scientist(s) to all Texas Residents!

Not in Texas? Don't worry, we didn't forget about you! Check back soon for more news on US Shipping.

Your mind can rest easy when you order your ebike from Rocket Electrics. Our expert Rocket Wrenches team will assemble your bike, delivering quality and safety checks for all parts/components as they go. The Mobile Service Department will then be in touch to schedule your delivery, which is generally about two weeks after you place your order. You can also choose to pick your ebike up at our Austin location

The quality service doesn't stop there, whether your bike is delivered or picked up in store, we'll get you fitted to your bike and even help plan your daily commute to find the safest/most convenient route & add on those new accessories for you.  

When you purchase your ebike from Rocket Electrics, not only will you receive top-notch service, but these Rocket Perks as well: 
  • One Free Year of Tune Up's
  • Continued support from our knowledgable staff throughout the ownership of your ebike
  • All Warranty Issues handled by Rocket Electrics staff, we know our vendors & have built great relationships to help get your ebike up and running quick as can be! 
  • Dedicated Rocket Wrenches team to help you maintain your ebike - Hearing a squeak? Battery not working? Our mechanics can walk through any troubleshooting via video chat, phone, or in house at the Unique shop in Austin! 
  • Mobile Service Department - No bike repair shops near you? Mechanics unfamiliar with ebikes? No worries, the Mobile Service Department is here for you! Please contact us for more info. 

When you shop with Rocket Electrics, your not only buying a top quality ebike, but also a team of passionate individuals who share the same goal as you - to keep growing the vibrant and innovated ebike culture! 

Questions? Read our FAQ